How to Make a New Unit Plan

After you login, look for the menu box at the bottom of every page just below your name. Click "Create Content > Unit Plan" . The fields below marked by a * are required.

  1. Title *
    Type in a title for the plan. The Title will appear in three places: at the top of your web browser window, at the top of the new unit, and on the list of Unit Plans.
  2. Description of Unit *
    The description will also be used on the list of Unit Plans.
  3. Main Photo for Unit
    Browse and Upload a photo that will appear at the top of the Unit Plan as well as on the list of Unit Plans.
  4. School Year, Grade, Content Area, Benchmarks, Art Form, Artist, Content, Unit Plan (PDF), Comments
    Follow instructions. Required fields are marked * . To change requirements, email Ginger.
  5. Input format Ignore this field
  6. Lesson 1 ... 14
    Open as many as needed, in order, and type in a Title and Description and upload a photo. The photo is not required, but it helps with layout and spacing on the finished page. "Title" can be used to indicate numbering schemes such as "Sessions 1-3" or "First day/Second Day".
  7. Additional Photos
    Upload as many additional photos for this Unit as desired.
  8. URL Path Settings *
    This sets the URL to something friendlier than "". By default, it will generate a URL for you using the Unit Plan's Title. If you want to make your own (because the title is too long, or any other reason) just uncheck "Automatic alias" and type something into the box, such as "Painting_by_Numbers" (no spaces allowed)
  9. Menu Settings *
    This sets the path for the breadcrumbs and Site Map.
    1. Menu Link Title: the Title of the Unit Plan, shortened/abbreviated if desired
    2. Parent item: Choose "Unit Plan List"
    3. Weight: Ignore this field

  10. Revision Information
    This can be used to keep track of changes on the page, who made them, and when. You can ignore this when making a new page.
  11. Authoring Information
    Ignore this field (it will automatically make you the author of the page.)
  12. Publishing options
    You can uncheck "Published" if you want to make the page unavailable to the public. Editors will still be able to view it.
  13. Save *
    Click Save to save your entries. Note that "Preview" is the same as clicking the View tab at the top after you have saved, so it's not that useful.